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Game your way through with Android and iOS

Game your way through with Android and iOS.

As we all know, Android and iOS are competing against each other for various reasons, while Windows sails in a different path. Both Android and iOS are coming up with new technologies that can be incorporated in the mobile handsets so that it can provide a vast smart phone experience. Also, gaming in these two operating systems takes the user to a different level. With increase in the technological advancement, Android and Iphone developers are working head to head to bring out new features in every new edition of the software. It is to be noted that iOS has already created a separate place for its customers; Android is trying to cope up with the class of iOS.

Iphone development:

There are ample numbers of forums and other platforms for professionals and starters to bring out the Iphone developer in them. Few of them are Cocos 2D, Shiva 3D, Adwhirl and Appviz. Cocos 2D is a two-dimensional gaming platform which is free to use for budding Iphone game developers. The developers need to be strong in programming languages to use this software in an effective manner. It uses C, C++, HTML-5, and Java to create the gaming application which offers the basic needs. This software possesses built in simulation libraries along with Box 2D and Chipmunk which are used in many games featured in the iPhone.

Similar to Cocos 2D, Shiva 3D is effectively used for 3D iPhone games. Shiva 3D when compared to other 3D commercial engines, charges a lower fee. The main drawback in this software is that the developer needs to download parallels used for the game development from Windows. Otherwise, Shiva 3D is an excellent platform for 3D development games. Some of the applications developed using these types of gaming engines are Cube, Armado lite, Rhino ball and a few others.

Android development:

Android is extremely user-friendly when compared to Appleā€™s operating system. It is also known that a path breaking innovation is about to be brought in by the Android developers by incorporating Flash involved games into their Operating system. This is a complete boost for the avid gamers. There are four different approaches which are to be taken by the developers according to their needs. Each approach involves coding that is to be changes or maintained without changes throughout the entire program. The developer needs to keep in mind that the application he comes up with must be compatible with the different screen resolutions which isa basic need for ardent gamers.

The main concern in the world of game development is to incorporate different aspects of game such as sound, video and interactivity. The flexibility of the developers is really important so that he can work in any chosen platform.